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The Big Lead

Book 1


  Stella Reynolds is new to the job, new to the state, and new to making mistakes in front of thousands of people, but that’s exactly what she signs up for when she takes her first TV reporting job in Bozeman, Montana. 

  A strange coincidence has Stella digging deep into the town’s first murders in years, and she uncovers a secret that could expose a handful of powerful insiders. 

  Now she’s on a tight deadline to get the story on air before she gets caught up in the killer’s deadly game.

The Big Interview

​Book 2


  TV reporter Stella Reynolds signs with a new station, excited to move to a bigger city for a better job. When she arrives in Bristol, Virginia, though, she finds a sexist, mean boss, unfriendly coworkers, and a town in love with a sport she’s never even watched—NASCAR!
  Before she can unpack her bags, Stella is drawn into an investigation when a driver is killed in a fiery wreck on the track.
  Experts call his death a tragedy, but Stella has insider information that the accident is anything but.

Book 4--now available!

You can run. You can hide. Or you can get highlights.
Columbus police make a quick arrest in a murder, but when a tip comes in from someone who knows more about the case than detectives, it’s clear to TV reporter Stella Reynolds that the woman behind bars didn’t pull the trigger.

With lowlifes stealing the headlines, why is Stella’s boss only concerned with her hair? He insists a makeover will help her career, but she knows that a visit to the salon will only get in the way of solving the murder. Or will it? With the real suspect determined to stay hidden, maybe a makeover contest is the perfect cover for catching a killer.

Vicious lies. Unyielding deadlines. And a killer makeover.

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The Big Overnight

Sometimes The End is just The Beginning.

The Big Overnight

​Book 3

  When the suspect in a Knoxville shooting confesses on camera, police say the case is closed. But then TV reporter Stella Reynolds gets an anonymous email that changes everything.
  As she picks her way through a minefield of untruths and half-lies, she discovers everyone has secrets they’re desperate to keep—including the people closest to her. With the body count rising, Stella won’t stop digging until she lays all the secrets bare. Friendships, romance, and even her own life are all on the line.
  Her work and personal lives collide in The Big Overnight, the thrilling third installment of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series. Find out if Stella can track down the real killer before she reaches her final deadline.

Libby Kirsch Books

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